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Around the world, the impact of extreme poverty on children’s development is devastating.  Approximately 356 million children – 1 in 6 children – are living in extreme poverty with less than $1.90 a day.  Child poverty has lifelong consequences on their overall wellbeing such as poor psychosocial and physical health, malnutrition, lack of education, social exclusion, and future employment opportunities. Children’s exposure to violence, such as child labour and child marriage may increase as families and caregivers are under economic duress.  It could be further compounded according to predictions that, over the next decade, climate and disaster risk impacts will push an estimated 325 million poor people further into extreme poverty.

What We do

TCSO is working to break the cycle of poverty by 2040 so that the most vulnerable children can reach their full potential. We do this by:

Graduating the most vulnerable families out of extreme poverty – so that very poor families become economically self-reliant and have the dignity and means to provide for their own children.

Strengthening food production, resilience and access to markets / financial services – so that farmers can produce more, better and more sustainable nutritious food for household consumption and marketing purposes.

Promoting sustainable employment opportunities and market systems – so that communities have access to goods, services and employment opportunities through private sector partnerships.

Promoting women’s economic empowerment – so that through women’s economic advancement, access to opportunities, services, and resources, and agency, including decision-making ability in households and markets, manageable paid and unpaid workloads, and well-being. Finally, Tumaini Community Service Organization promotes equitable systems where women can benefit from equitable policies, laws, institutional practices, and social norms.



TCSO has been working on ways to support community savings groups through new lending practices, allowing communities to grow their economic activities.

Savings groups are owned, managed, and operated by the members, using a simple, transparent method where groups accumulate and convert small amounts of cash into savings.

In many areas where Tumaini Community Services Organization works, communities are too remote, and people live too far below the poverty line for banks to meet their needs. Savings groups fill the void left by formal banking institutions by giving group members access to financial security. The group’s savings are then lent as credit to the group’s entrepreneurs to earn additional income.

Non-government organization working to provide Services to people in need, to advocate for justice and social structure by influencing change in policies, programs, and practices.

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