Volunteer & Internship

Volunteer & internship

We value and appreciate volunteers, as we believe that every person has something unique to offer for the organization and society. Commitment and passion of volunteers real brings the incredible success of our projects in   the community.

TUMAINI COMMUNITY SERVICES ORGANIZATION is an inclusive organization, we provide volunteering opportunity for any person whoever believes has something to offer to the communities and share your skills and experience so as to have a long lasting impact on people’s lives. We are welcoming the application of national and international volunteers to work with us in supporting and serving the community through different programs that are undertaken by TCSO.

Volunteers will get the chance to be involved in both administrative and field work activities.


What We do

TCSO does not offer any remuneration for this position.

However, in some cases particularly to non-resident volunteers, we may be able to arrange and provide accommodation, meals and transport service, but a volunteer will be required to contribute some amount to be covered with such services. However, volunteers are free choose where to stay at their own expenses.

TCSO also offers an exciting work environment.

What do you Benefit Out of it?

The opportunity provides many benefits, including:

  • The opportunity will provide volunteers with exposure to hands on skills in demonstrating results and impact of evidence based interventions.
  • Career development
  • Networking by meeting new people
  • Become more confident in performing different duties and responsibilities
  • Exploring and experiencing our beautiful country and new culture

This chance will open your eyes to the world issues (becoming a global citizen) since you will come in contact with volunteer from different part of the world having different knowledge and skills as well as experience.

​If you are interested in volunteering with TCSO, please send us a CV and Motivational letter to hr@tumainicso.org and tell us about your skills, what you think you can offer to TCSO and to the community, but also tell us how long you are interested in working with us.

Non-government organization working to provide Services to people in need, to advocate for justice and social structure by influencing change in policies, programs, and practices.

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